Getting Out of Town


2013-03-20 – Just a short post, as I’m on a plane today, flying to LA to see my mother for a few days.

I always get crazed when a trip is approaching. But this time I got hit with three-year planning at work – due the day I get back. On top of that, my buddy at the office for 16 years is all of a sudden retiring, as of Friday. Yesterday was the last day to say goodbye. But when I went to his desk at the end of the day, he was gone. He doesn’t like scenes. Not that I’m the type for scenes. But he’s like that. I guess I’ll call him when I get back.

So. Three days of vacation.

My work computer is packed and coming with me. If nothing else, I have a conference session to lead in June and I need to get my slides together. I also have my novel packed (I take it everywhere). I’m prepping to pitch to agents at a writers conference in April. I’ve been walking to and from the train this week muttering my pitch speech to myself. I have a few more pieces to write before I’m ready.

And I’ll see my mom. I haven’t been to see her for over a year, though we talk most days. I’ll be taking her to the doctor. That is apparently what folks her age do. And we’ll be driving to my sisters for an early Passover seder.

Then back to Chicago. For a seder here.  And then back to work.

* * *

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