In Like a Lion

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2013-03-01 – Did you notice that the US budget sequester began the day after the Pope retired?

In Rome, all the Catholic cardinals are gathering to be sequestered in the Vatican until they elect a new Pope. And Joseph Ratzinger, alias Pope Benedict XVI, has given up his ruby slippers. As a retired Pope, Joe will no longer be able to click his heels and go home. From here on out, he will be wearing brown penny loafers.

In Washington, the members of Congress are dispersing, having failed to handle the sequester. Members of Congress have always worn penny loafers as a symbol of their position in the US government.

In Rome, when the college of cardinals reaches a decision, there will be a symbolic release of white smoke. In Washington, smoke is ever present, so when they release the white smoke of decision, we are unable to distinguish it from the regular atmosphere.

Sequence of events does not imply causation. The fact that His Ex-Holiness departed the papal throne yesterday and the sequester began today does not imply that his resignation caused the sequester. It is just as possible that the sequester caused the papal resignation.

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