I Might Just Be Steven Spielberg

Brown_park in fall_2013-02-20

2013-02-20 – Yesterday in the Metra station (in Chicago) a couple stopped me to tell me that I look like Steven Spielberg. I don’t see it, myself. But this has been happening to me for more than 20 years. People telling me I look like Steven Spielberg.

A close encounter of the fourth kind.

I’ve always talked about this phenomenon as a beard and glasses thing. Everyone who has a beard and wears glasses looks alike. The similarity is even greater if you add a baseball cap. But there are a lot of beard-and-glasses types who wear baseball caps. So why is it always Steven Spielberg?

Maybe I am Steven Spielberg.

We were both born in Southwestern Ohio in the post-World War II era. We’ve never been seen together. And, did I mention, we both have beards and wear glasses and baseball caps.

But I do look shorter in person, though. (And he spells “Stephen” in some bizarro “phonetic” phashion.)

Now, I don’t really remember ever making a film. I don’t think I’ve ever attended the Academy Awards. I never met Amy Irving or Kate Capshaw.

It could be that my memory is poor. Or maybe being Steven Spielberg isn’t a full-time thing.

So here is what I am wondering. In those moments when I am Steven Spielberg, does anyone ever approach my counterpart—maybe in a train station—and tell him that he looks like Steve Froikin?

Which brings me to the question: What would Steven do?

* * *

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