Coming Attractions

Red_convention space_2012-08-04

2013-02-18 – It felt a lot like spring today.

The temperature is going to plummet tonight. It is 50 degrees now (I just got home from work) but it will be in the 20s when I leave for work in the morning. Then another drop-off begins tomorrow afternoon so that the temperature will hit single digits Wednesday morning.

But the cold will be temporary. The 50s are the coming attractions.

Speaking of coming attractions, Kit and I went to the movies yesterday. That’s twice this year and it’s only February. We saw “Silver Linings Playbook,” which I liked a lot. I don’t like the title much, though. I’m having a hard time remembering it. And I don’t think this is just a senior moment. If you look at the websites, the graphics for the movie don’t treat SLP as a single unit. And my mind doesn’t really process it as a single unit. So, it is a crummy title for a great movie.

But that’s not why I’m writing today. I’m writing about the coming attractions.

We saw maybe a half dozen trailers. I can’t tell you what the movies were. They all seemed to be the same. In every trailer, things blew up. Chases, explosions, bang, bang, bang.

Are all movies like that?

I ask because Kit and I haven’t seen many movies in the last 20 years. Maybe all movies are about explosions.

Or almost all.

“Silver Linings Playboom” is not about explosions. It is (as they say) a “quirky” comedy about a guy who spent eight months in a mental institution because he beat up a guy he found showering with his wife. He is now being released and moves in with his parents to try to reclaim his life. He hopes to be reunited with his wife, but he meets another woman and . . . you know, no explosions. (Difficulties managing anger do not count. When I say explosions, I mean fire with pieces of things flying in all directions.)

It occurred to me, though, that the trailers for movies might include explosions that are not in the movies they are promoting. “Sploding Linings Playbook” doesn’t have any explosions, but maybe the trailer did. Did you ever think of that?

Well, I did. And I looked. No explosions. (Only broken glass.)

And it’s a good movie.

Kit and I are hoping to go to more movies now that our boys are grown. We’ve seen two this year! But neither of us is big on explosion movies. So if that’s all that coming attractions has to offer us, well . . .

. . . it was 50 degrees today. It won’t be tomorrow, but it will be again soon. Maybe we’ll take some walks by the Lake. No explosions there. At least not until the Air Show in August.

* * *

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