It Snowed

2012-11-14 – Despite my rant in Monday’s blog, it snowed. It wasn’t much. It wasn’t exactly in the time interval specified by the forecast. But it was close enough.

The snow didn’t stick to the sidewalk at all. It was barely more than frost on the grass. But if it had been sugar, it would have tasted good without being overwhelming.

The snow was gone by the next day.

Except on the cabinets that we’ve now removed from our kitchen – for some reason. A few of the cabinets were out Monday night and got a thin coating. When we moved them to the back yard, there were still some patches on the formica. Could it be that they were left for the night on the north side of the house.

Inside we have a thin layer of sawdust, not snow, all over the place. It hasn’t melted yet.

I don’t know how sanding of the floors has now morphed into remodeling of the kitchen. No, I lied. I do know, but I’m trying to deny it. The tile floors in the kitchen are cracked and will be replaced by new wood floors by our floor refinishers. To accomplish this, we needed to remove the cabinets. Now that the cabinets are removed, we will need to replace them.

Yesterday, I told one of my company’s sales reps who lives in New York about the floor refinishing. He asked if I had any other storm damage – even though he knows I live in Chicago, nowhere near the path of Hurricane Sandy.

I guess New Yorkers can’t conceive of a merely local disaster. If New York is hit, the damage must be global.

I hadn’t really thought about our remodeling being a consequence of the Superstorm. Maybe I should file an insurance claim.

* * *

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2 responses to “It Snowed

  1. Oh Steve, aren’t you lucky to be married to a remodeler. Why does that word come up as an error. See how a little floor morphed into the hurricane. Maybe you should have kept that poster about small projectiles can become dangerous when there is an act of nature or nurture.

  2. Awesome photos yet again, Echo! You cartupe everything textures; moments in time that others might have missed & best of all Happiness & Joy! Congrats Nate & Johnny! xxx ooo

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