Monday, Monday, Can’t Trust That Day

2022-02-21 – When is Presidents’ Day? I had to Google it. I don’t have it off. They seem to have it off at the school across the street. But we don’t have the day off from work.

I’m not sure what Presidents’ Day means anymore. There used to be sales. And . . . okay, if we’re talking used-to-be, there used to be two presidents’ days: Lincoln’s Birthday and Washington’s Birthday. We used to get both of them off. But as presidential power has grown, the significance of Presidents’ Day has diminished. They think they can fly under the radar, I guess.

My Presidents’ Day got off to a very lackluster start. My alarm went off, as usual. I hit the button as usual and got up to take a shower as usual. But, apparently, I hit the snooze button rather than the stop button. I never snooze alarms. But I did today.

I took the dog out, as usual, and she did her business, as usual. Things were getting back on track. But then I came in to make breakfast. I screwed up the order of making coffee (how can you do that?) with the result that I spilled half of it. Then I burned my oatmeal. I don’t even know how I did that. I never do that.

Then at work, I’m answering emails and sending the answers to the wrong people.

None of it has been catastrophic. Just annoying.

I wish our presidents could be like that: not catastrophic, just annoying. Joe, are you listening?

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day. (Not sure this matches the message, but I like the song.)

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