Using a Bidet Is Like Riding a Bike

2022-01-10 – Everything is like riding a bike, apparently.

If you’ve ever shopped for humorous mugs, you know that this is the truth. Except everything is on fire. We have a mug with the following slogan:

Being a writer is like riding a bike, except the bike is on fire. And you’re on fire. And everything is on fire.

The point of the slogan is that being a writer is easy (like riding a bike), except that it really isn’t easy (you’re on fire and everything is on fire).

Writers aren’t the only ones who use this slogan. I’ve found the following occupations that think their practice is like riding a bike (but noting the fire exception):

  • Nursing,
  • Teaching,
  • Engineering,
  • Managing,
  • Going to college,
  • Marketing,
  • Lawyering,
  • Priesting,
  • Band directing,
  • Forklift operating,
  • Adulting,
  • Dieting, and
  • Pharmacy teching.

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas.

Why yesterday? One of our sons had COVID on Christmas, so we had to postpone it for a time when all of us were well. That happened yesterday.

We often exchange humorous mugs at Christmas. That’s when we got the writer’s mug. There were no mugs this year. But our boys got us a bidet and installed it.

Using a bidet is like riding a bike. But it’s more like riding a bike than all the things I noted above because it works between your legs.

But if you have a fire there, it will put the fire out.

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