RBG’s “October” Surprise

2020-09-19 – Well, it isn’t quite October. But a great jurist has died. She fought for women and she fought the powerful. And she fought against death.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

It would not be surprising to me if she meant for her death to be part of the fight. She even left a final message: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

What does that mean?

Of course, there’s the obvious: the plain meaning of the words. That was her wish. But as they say, “if wishes were fishes then beggars would eat.” But it was her dying wish, shouldn’t that carry greater weight. Not with today’s Republicans. So why, in her final moments, did she take pains to dictate this message to her granddaughter?

So you would read the words.

The fact of the matter, Justice Ginsburg’s death was already an issue in this year’s presidential campaign. Strategies have been in place for months. Her periodic trips to the hospital were a constant reminder that the day was coming.

I personally think that the awfulness of this moment in history was reason enough to be involved. The future of the Supreme Court was definitely part of that decision. I was in, whether RBG survived the election or not.

But elections are won by percentages. And RBG knew that, certainly. If her words could move even a few votes or transform a few voters into election workers, why not?

It’s what she fought for her whole life.

Honor her memory by joining the fight.

(You can be sure that the other side will be fighting. And RBG knew that this fight would expose their hypocrisy to the voters at a critical time.)

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