Dear Lori Lightfoot: I’m Confused

2020-07-24 – Dear Mayor Lightfoot: I’m confused.

Trump threatens to send his storm troopers to Chicago and you supposedly say no. But then you agree to take DEA and FBI agents. This is supposed to make you a f*cking hero because you averted the coop, but isn’t the drug war a major source of violence in the city? Not the cure.

And, of course, you took down the statue of Christopher Columbus.

When I first heard you were accepting Trump’s offer, I researched the procedures for getting you out of office. Turns out that Illinois doesn’t have a recall law like many other states. The only recourse citizens have in this state is to pressure you to resign. There is a bill pending in Springfield (from before the current crisis), but it’s going nowhere.

But now I’m confused. Are you accepting a police state in this city or not?

In case you don’t understand, let me repeat: the police (local or federal) are the problem, not the solution.

It’s not that I don’t agree with the goal of keeping the peace. It’s that I don’t see the police actually doing that. Many cities around the country recently moved in the direction of reevaluating their police (if not actually defunding them). You have not. And now you are adding to the problem by accepting more police from Trump.

We can only hope that he lives up to his reputation by reneging on the deal.

As for you: you are skating on thin ice. Don’t think that pulling down a statue solve the problem. You could be the next to go.

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