Where is the NRA Now that Trump Is Attacking Citizens?

2020-07-22 – For years the NRA told us that we needed to accept one of the highest death tolls from gun violence as “the price of freedom.” We were told that the day would come when the government would turn on its citizens. We were told that an armed citizenry would fight back.

I don’t see it.

I see unarmed protestors. I see Naked Athena. I see moms in yellow shirts linking arms against the secret police. I see dads with leaf blowers arrive at the scene to blow away the tear gas.

I don’t see the armed citizenry. What are they waiting for? Was it all a charade?

We did get a glimmer of their might when they showed up with their guns at a state capital to protest against measures that might have reduced the spread of the coronavirus. Was that what they were talking about? Well, good job! That sure made us and our families more secure.

Hello! This is the moment you’ve warned us about and you said you would be prepared. But it looks like the folks protesting without the guns seem to have a corner on bravery.

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