#Pocalypso | A Zoom Father’s Day

2020-06-22 – 1:30. Time for the Zoom call with my boys for Father’s Day. Then Zoom. It was over. I was sad. Though I did get a great Hawaiian shirt (probably the best ever) and shorts from Kit.

Later in the day we got some conos as the Mexican ice cream store and took Rebe for a walk. Kit asked, “you really like being a dad, don’t you?” I said yes.

Back in the ‘70s, Baby Boomers were called the Me Generation. And sure, after the tumult of the civil rights era and Vietnam, some of our generation became ostentatious consumers and glorified self-actualization and cultivated a political philosophy based on selfishness and the holy texts of Ayn Rand.

But it wasn’t everyone. It wasn’t even a majority. They were just noisy at a time when the noise of the ‘60s was dying down.

For the rest of us selfishness wasn’t enough. We’re only human.

I was a shy guy and kinda slow making it happen. But I knew that I wanted to raise kids and be involved in my community. And so, little by little, I did that. I still have some “self-actualization” goals. But, as slow as I was, I put family first. And I’m glad that I did.

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