#Pocalypso | I Don’t Believe in Equality

2020-06-09 – I don’t believe in equality. But at the same time, I don’t believe someone should get a leg up because their daddy was a billionaire or because of the color of their skin.

Our species has leaders and followers. Sometimes they are the same people at different times of their lives. This is seen in other primates and it’s quite obvious in our species. There are alphas and people who challenge the alphas. We all have different roles, but those roles can change as we grow.

Unless society prevents that.

The alphas of our society create roadblocks. Racism is one of the biggest roadblocks. A criminal record is a huge roadblock. The lack of a bank account is a roadblock.

But let’s consider a more subtle roadblock: your GPA.

It starts quite early. A kid like Einstein gets tracked by his school because he’s slow to develop his math skills or because he thinks about things differently or maybe because he’s a Jew. For every Einstein that makes it in spite of all that, there are hundreds that are permanently sidetracked.

We all have strengths and weaknesses—regardless of wealth, regardless of race, regardless of faith. We’re not equal.

But the barriers our society erects don’t put the best and the brightest in the alpha seat. Our alphas talk about free and open competition, but their prime accomplishment is to prevent free and open competition.

I don’t believe in equality, but I also don’t believe in a system that enshrines the dumbest of the dumb and his ilk as President of the United States and puts the rest of us in cages.

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