#Pocalypso | Bike Ride by the River

2020-06-04 – Almost a normal day yesterday. No better than normal. My son Cal called to say he was biking over. I said I would meet him half way, which I did, and then we took the long way home, along a piece of the North Branch of the Chicago River. Then we ordered Lou Malnati’s pizza and sat on the deck eating it.

Of course, we were six-feet apart at all times.

But we were sitting at the same table, so it didn’t seem all that distant. And he and I and Kit chit chatted about normal things and talked about working together to put up new railings on our second floor deck, which we had to take down a few years ago to fix the first-floor roof, but never replaced because we were considering ways to do it that wouldn’t damage the roof again. And then time passed.

Don’t know when we’ll see Cal again. The restaurant he works for is doing a limited re-open and he’ll be working some. And he might be reluctant to come around knowing the COVID risk of his work.

This is going to go on for a long time.

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