#Pocalypso | I Wish I Had Time for This

2020-05-15 – I’m usually pretty busy. I work full time and I have all my “extracurriculars.” I’ve always been an extracurricular kinda guy. And, no, there’s no sexual meaning here. I’m not getting sex on the side. I’m getting knowledge. (Okay, get your mind out of the gutter. I’m not talking about biblical “knowledge.”)

For example. Although I’m a writer in my day job and some of my extracurriculars involve writing, I never really studied writing in school. I didn’t take my high school journalism class, but I was an editor of a youth group newspaper. I didn’t work for the official college newspaper. I worked for its unapproved competitor. And so on. Even when writing became my day job, I still had to write other stuff after hours.

And I do volunteer work and play a couple of instruments and ride great distances on my bike. All without getting paid. But that’s my life. And it’s crowded.

Like “real” work, extracurriculars have peak periods and lulls. I had thought my volunteer work had hit a lull because of COVID-19 (I can’t meet with new clients). But there is a paperwork aspect to my cases and this week one of them blew up, meaning that I’m suddenly busy picking up the paperwork pieces.

I’m also at a crunch time in my novel writing. I’m within a couple of weeks of being done, finished, complete with my first novel. Then I’ll be really busy trying to get it published. And it’s finally biking season. And my guitar teacher finally gave us a song I really want to learn.

I suppose I should be grateful. And actually I am. I hate to think what my life would be like if thinking about COVID-19 were my only extracurricular.

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