#Pocalypso | A Fragment of Truth About COVID

2020-04-30 – Is there even a fragment of truth about COVID coming out of the Trump White House? The answer is yes and no.

That really is the problem. Trump always plays both side of an issue (and if there’s more than two sides, he’ll play three sides or four sides—whatever it takes). So if there’s a true side and a false side, he’s got the true side covered as well as the false side.

Today I want to talk about one of the fragments of truth: it’s healthier outside than inside—particularly as the weather gets warmer. This is probably true in most cases. Maybe the virus degrades faster in the glare or heat of the sun—I’m not even going to look this one up. But it’s probably safer outside because people tend to be farther apart outside.

So this won’t apply if you go to a Trump rally. It won’t apply if you’re at an outdoor concert. It won’t apply if you’re in any congested place—inside or out. But, when I take a walk with my dog, I see very few people. And when I do see them, they are probably 10s of yards away, not just six feet.

If the virus on surfaces degrade faster in the light of the sun, so much the better.

So, why am I saying this? I’m not trying to defend the president. Playing both sides of the issue is dangerous. And it’s especially dangerous during this time of pandemic.

I’m saying this because the economy does need to find a way to open up someday. Many people are out of work and that needs to change—but in a safe way. The key to developing a plan for reopening things is a realistic sense of what activities are high risk and what activities are not.

Lying about this (or even confusing the issues) is entirely counterproductive.

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