#Pocalypso | It Was a Good Weekend

2020-04-27 – It was a good weekend.

This is not a good-compared-to-the-new-reality good. It is a general good. Good things are still possible. Sure, some things are off-limits, but not all things. Here are some of the good things I experienced this weekend.

I’ve been taking advantage of the shut-in time to complete my continuing legal education (CLE) requirement. Years ago, when I stopped the regular practice of law, I stopped doing this and became “inactive.” But a few years ago, I returned to active status so I could do some volunteer legal work. I had to make up an amazing amount of CLE to be re-activated. It took a long time, but I did it.

June of 2020 ends my first CLE reporting period since reactivation. I wanted to get it done without drama. On Saturday, I finished the last online course to meet my requirement. I reported it to the Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board of the Supreme Court of Illinois. And I got my certificate. I’m now good until 2022.


(My day job is writing continuing education for insurance agents. It’s good for me, as a writer, to know what it is like having this type of requirement hanging over your head.)

That was Saturday. And it was a good thing to fill up my time because we were waiting for our new oven to be delivered and installed. Part of the door on the old one fell off last week. We could keep cooking on the stove top, but we needed to have it replaced. We were able to find a good one online and Kit did her usual magic in negotiating a better price than was advertised.

I was a little nervous having strangers come into the house, but our delivery men were great. They had masks, they touched very little, and they even had paper booties to put over their shoes. And they were earnest and good-humored. We gave them a good tip. And now we can cook whatever we want. Kinda important during a lockdown.

Sunday was the best. A fine spring day. I went for a long walk with Kit and the dog in the morning. (Kit and I wore masks. Rebe did not.) Then I went for my longest bike ride of the pandemic: 27 miles. I’ve finally found a route that compares to my pre-pandemic distances without going into crowded areas. And the bonus is that the route reaches far enough north that I can continue on known low-crowd bike routes that potentially go as far as Wisconsin!

It was a good weekend.

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