#Pocalypso | I Never Knew My Life Was So Terrible

2020-04-17 – Welcome to my life.

Why welcome? Well, forget it. You’re not really welcome. That’s just a phrase people say. They don’t mean it. And, if they don’t mean it, I doubly don’t mean it.

But here’s what I do mean: while we are lockdown, you are living the life I live, lockdown or not. I don’t go anywhere. I don’t talk to anyone. So when they tell me to stay home and social distance, I’m already staying at home. I am a telecommuter. My employer is out of state. I work in my basement and connect to my employer by computer. I rarely talk to anyone who I work with. If we communicate at all, it’s by email or conference call. And so on.

I do this all the time. You do this for a month, and you’re going crazy. Some people are storming their state capital to protest having to do what I do every day, lockdown or not.

I never knew my life was so terrible.

You know?

I do my work. I’m not bothered by anyone. I don’t have to commute, so I start early. That lets me end early. It’s like I have a second full day tacked on to the end of my work day, not just a little sliver of time that barely gives me a chance to scarf down dinner in time to go to bed.

I use this time to do a variety of things. When the weather is nice, I go for a bike ride. When the weather is not nice, I work on my writing. Both of these activities are social-distancing approved: riding or writing. Then, maybe I read a little or play the guitar or make a nice dinner. Then I do a crossword puzzle. And I take a walk with my wife and my dog.

And people are protesting this.

I apparently need to get a life.

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