#Pocalypso | Getting Out When I Can

2020-03-25 – Spring colors were in the trees yesterday on Lake Shore Drive, particularly in the willows near Diversey Harbor. Spring colors in the trees are different from fall colors. Fall colors are vibrant. Spring colors are but a hint, a hazy shade of yellow, red, and green in the twigs where buds will soon open.

I’ve been “hunkered down,” but I got out yesterday to get the final signatures I needed for my most recent visa petition. But I wasn’t the only one out. Runners and bikers and dog walkers and dog-less walkers were out on the lakefront paths. Traffic was light on the Drive, but not ghost-townish. It reminded me of traffic on a Christmas morning, though yesterday’s traffic was more commercial: plumbing trucks, cement mixers, and, of course, delivery trucks (well, I guess delivery trucks are out on Christmas, too—but you get what I mean).

Today is supposed to be a sunny day. I’ve been grabbing the days, when I can, to go on a bike ride. I managed to get one in on Monday, one of my usual loops through the Northwestern campus and the lake. Today I’m thinking of doing my new-favorite 20-mile loop that runs by the North Branch of the Chicago River. This route runs by a little hot-dog stand and I frequently stop, but I can’t do that today.

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