Entitlement: A Privilege or a Right?

2020-01-23 – Republicans like to call Social Security and Medicare “entitlements.” They do this because they hope you will associate social insurance with snotty “entitled” rich kids—beneficiaries that need to get out and work instead of getting free stuff handed to them.

That’s not what entitlement means.

Entitlement in the world of social insurance means that you bought and paid for the benefit. It’s like buying a car and you get the “title” or you buy a house and you get a “title deed.” You are enTITLEd. You own it. It is not welfare. It is a right, not a privilege.

But the privileged brats of the GOP want to take entitlements from you.

What would they think if we tried to take things they are entitled with: mansions, trust funds, jet planes, Mar-a-Lago? They would scream about property right! Right?

Well, it’s the same thing when they do it to us.

And they would call it class warfare.

Well, it’s the same thing when they do it to us.

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