Did Trump Violate the International Protection of Rich Guys in War Law?

2020-01-09 – Was Trump’s assassination of Irani Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani a violation of the International Protection of Rich Guys in War Law?

The IPRGW is an unwritten law that has prevailed for centuries to protect the rich guys who benefit from foreign wars from having to suffer the pain and destruction that they inflict on their countries. The law allows belligerents to wreak havoc on opposing belligerents front-line soldiers, civilians, and infrastructure, provided that they avoid targeting the rich guys who promote the wars for their own personal benefit.

This framework has been immortalized in the game of chess, in which pawns, end even mid-level pieces, are traded as throw-aways in a tit-for-tat competition to protect the king (who is himself nearly helpless).

But now Trump has now gone and killed one of the big guys.

Does that now mean that the big guys on all sides must now fear the actual consequences of their war mongering actions? And could this fear lead the big guys to be less reckless in their omnipresent lust for war?

I mean it’s one thing to risk the skin of a worthless pawn—or even millions of worthless pawns. It’s a whole nother thing to risk your own personal skin.

One would only hope.

But I’m betting that the IPRGW is more resilient than this. The rich guys of the world have too great a shared and deeply-felt interest in preserving their own lives and fortunes to let one rogue rich guy ruin their fun, even if that rich guy happens to be President of the United States. Class war transcends international boundaries.

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