Is Trump’s Secret WMD Truth?

2019-04-08 – Could it be that Donald Trump’s secret weapon is truth? God knows he’s been holding back the truth for years. Is that because the truth he has to say is so terrible it would destroy us all?

But maybe not all of us.

He’s been itching for a fight with Iran since before he became President. And today the battle began. Not with proxies. Not with boots on the ground. Not with bullets. And not with explosives. The weapon of choice seems to be TRUTH. Today Donald Trump designated the Iran military, the Revolutionary Guard, as a terrorist group.

Duh. Why hasn’t this come out before?

Apparently nation-states are not willing to acknowledge the obvious fact about armies. They have two functions, just like a sports team—but deadly. They are organized to operate both defense and offense. The offensive game is terrorism, plain and simple. All armies are terroristic.

So what did the government of Iran do in response to this truth? They designated the U.S. military as a terrorist organization. More truth.


Let’s hope the devastating truth does not spread.

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