“Nothing Funny About Tired Saturday Night Live . . .”

2018-02-18 – Trump tweets: “Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live . . .” And, you know, he’s right for a change.

Comedy has gotten lazy. It used to be that lazy comics would say “fuck” if they wanted an easy laugh. Now they say “Trump.” But it’s rarely funny.

Trump was bashing Alec Baldwin, in that tweet, for his cold open on Saturday’s SNL mocking Trump’s declaration of national emergency. I don’t usually watch SNL, but I found a link to Baldwin’s bit to watch.

It wasn’t funny.

The only comedy shows I watch regularly are The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I don’t watch them live, so I’m finding that I am frequently skipping parts. Both shows know that the Trump jokes are an albatross around their necks and have instituted non-Trump segments. On The Daily Show it’s called “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” and on the Colbert show it’s called “Meanwhile . . .”

So add the CORRUPTION OF COMEDY to your list of Trumpian crimes.

Trump is always very transparent about his crimes.

The liberal Internet is defending the SNL sketch, and they should . . . from censorship and presidential intimidation. But it’s not funny.

Trump has been a joke and rating stoker since the day he rode down his escalator to announce his campaign. These guys gave Trump free air time and contributed to his campaign in a way that very likely helped his campaign succeed. And now they think they can use comedy to get him out of office. Maybe that would work . . . if their “comedy” were funny. It isn’t.


(I have to admit that I’ve written a lot about him, too. It has weighed me down to the point that I can barely stand to write a post anymore. I’ve skipped weeks at a time. I plan to limit that, from now on.)

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2 responses to ““Nothing Funny About Tired Saturday Night Live . . .”

  1. I have a light dream: that all the late-night comics go totally silent on Trump. That the media torrent dedicated to Trump dried up. Unfortunately.,..they all make too much money on advertising that comes their way because it gets eyeballs. Like you, I don’t watch many of them (Trevor Noah is one I like, too). And I often find the Trump stuff tiresome. It’s a strange world out there.

  2. WTG– Sadly, it’s never going to happen, but they could tone it down and limit it to funny jokes. Personally, I plan to continue to #resist but in different ways (more in a future blog). But there’s also other things happening in the world that I used to write about and hope to start doing that again.

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