So Louis CK Is Funny. Other (Non-Creepy) People Are Funny, Too.

2018-08-30 – I was a fan of Louis CK. I was a fan of Woody Allen. It was a loss to learn of their abusiveness. It’s a loss when your admiration is punctured. But you know what?

Other people are funny, too.

Why do I need to keep these guys in business? I’ve heard their jokes. I laughed. But go to Netflix. There’s one after another after another new comic. If I want to laugh, there are plenty of replacements for these creeps.

That’s what I say when I hear Louis CK is trying to make a comeback. Who needs you? You are replaceable. In fact, you have already been replaced. You’re a creep and you haven’t atoned for your creepiness. You haven’t cleaned up your life. Go work on that. I’ve moved on.

I don’t even want to boycott you. Don’t involve me. You got yourself into your mess. Get yourself out.


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