I Have a Scar That Is 60 Years Old

2018-08-09 – The gash in my head took 6 stitches to close. I was 7 years old when it happened. I remember seeing light through a rectangular hole in something they put over my face when they stitched me up. That was 60 years ago.

I fell off a bike and hit my head.

I was an old hand at biking at age 7. I had already graduated from my first bike to a 20 inch, and it was on the 20 inch that I learned to rid no-handed. I was showing-off my new skill to my girlfriend Debbie who lived down the street. But I was riding her bike and it was all so unfamiliar. And so I fell.

I wasn’t wearing a helmet.

We didn’t wear helmets in those days. A helmet would have saved me, like it saved me 58 years later when I fell again. But I was riding bare-headed. So when I went down, I cut my forehead and began to bleed profusely. My mom heard me cry from half a block away and came running. She was pregnant with my brother Bruce. She and my dad quick took me to the hospital.

The gash was at the hairline back in 1958, on the right side. Today, the scar is about an inch below the hairline.

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