Why Is Trump Concerned Only About Shooting Deaths in Chicago?

2018-02-15 – “Chicago is a shooting disaster.” It’s a favorite line recited over and over by President Donald Trump. I’m glad he is concerned, but we’ve yet to see any action.

It’s really peculiar to me that someone like Trump can identify a guns problem in a few minority neighborhoods in Chicago and not the rest of the country. It’s almost as if #BlackLivesMatter.

We know better, though. Black lives don’t matter to Trump and his regime. But neither do white lives matter.

So why does Trump always bring up Chicago shootings (which, by the way, are terrible, but not the worst in the country)? For the same reason he tells you about Mexicans crossing our southern border bringing drugs and murder. To stoke fear.

But here’s the thing: the fear of interracial violence is almost entirely fake. You can always find the exceptions, of course, but the fact is that blacks kill blacks and whites kill whites far more often than bullets cross the race barrier.

It happened yesterday in a school.

So why are white tragedies kept separate from black tragedies? Innocents are killed in both places. Don’t we have a common cause to stop this?

Apparently not when money is involved. Money trumps human lives every time in the minds of our sitting politicians. They thrive on division because division drives gun sales.

The war in this country should not be between the races. It should be between everyday people and the heartless psychopaths who have hijacked our government for no other purpose than to add to their already enormous pile of loot.

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