Why Doesn’t the GOP Just Lie to its Constituency about the Tax Bill?

2017-11-20 – Why doesn’t the GOP just lie to its constituency about the tax bill?

You might say, “Steve! Haven’t you been listening? They lie about it every day!”

If you think the GOP constituency is the voters, I would have to agree. But I don’t think the GOP constituency is the voters. It is the corporate donors, at least on this one. It’s the corporate donors who are pushing to get a tax bill. The voters, for the most part, are opposed.

So, to derail the opposition (i.e., the voters), the GOP is calling the tax bill a middle-class tax cut. And the donor class is chortling . . . all the way to the (unregulated) bank.

But what if the GOP turned it around and told the truth to the voters and lied to the donors? What if, instead of “trickle down,” the GOP would start to talk about “trickle up.” It would go something like this.

“Mr. and Mr. Koch, we have proposed a rich-guy tax cut. It is very tricky, but you’ll like this. Our bill triples the standard deduction and doubles the personal exemptions. It reduces the bottom three tax brackets by two percent. The result will be a hefty tax cut for the so-called ‘99-percent’ in the amount of several thousand dollars per year. And we’re making it permanent.”

“What’s in it for me?” Say Mr. and Mr. Koch, speaking as if they were one corporate person.

“Of course, you’ll get the same several thousand dollars per year,” says the GOP.

“Several thousand dollars . . . per year!” Say Mr. and Mr. Koch. “Please tell me that it’s several thousand dollars per minute, or you won’t get a penny more in (heh heh) campaign contributions!”

“That’s the beauty of it,” responds the GOP. “When the little people get their tax cut, they are going to rush right out and spend it. When they spend, you’ll skim your share off the top, just like you always do. You will get richer and richer! You’ll get part of everyone’s tax cut. We call this the ‘trickle-up’ theory of economics.”

It’s as simple as that. The GOP simply needs to tell this lie to their corporate donors. . . .

What’s that? . . . You don’t think “trickle-up” is a lie?

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