Let’s Give Shooters Names Like Storms

2017-10-02 – Police assisted suicide.

We’ve got a lot of anger in this country. And a lot of guns. And a lot of media that glorify everything that is extreme and deadly and gloats about it (“breaking news”).

While I have plenty of ideas about each of these problems, I’m just going to make one suggestion now that we’re in the midst of another mass shooting: let’s stop reporting the names of the shooters.

Let’s start reporting these events like natural disasters. Give the shooters names the way we give names to hurricanes. Shooter Ava, shooter Boris, shooter Caileigh, shooter Damien, shooter Earlen—alternating gender, through the alphabet.

Let the media focus on the victims, not the shooter. We don’t need to know their real names. Or genders. We don’t need to know anything about them. Anymore. We know enough. We never ask about the personal trauma that led a hurricane to wreak its havoc.

50 dead in a police assisted suicide.

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