The End of Vacation

2017-09-14 – I’m back from vacation.

I should have written this on Monday. I was back from vacation on Monday. But vacating is exhausting. So I didn’t post on Monday.

We drove over 4,000 miles in three weeks—from Chicago to northwest Montana and back. We visited at least 5 national parks, monuments, or forests: Glacier, Yellowstone, Little Bighorn Battlefield, Devil’s Tower, and Black Hills. We kayaked and biked and hiked. We witnessed a total solar eclipse. We saw a forest fire and breathed its smoke. On top of that, I actually worked my job remotely during the middle week.

I need a vacation to rest up from my vacation.

But that’s not going to happen. Things are going to be more intense now than before I left. This will be true at work and it will be true at home—both of which are at the same place.


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