De-Trumpifying the #Resistance

2017-05-22 – Trump, Trump, Trump. 24/7 Trump. We are obsessed. Did Melania let him hold her hand? Does she hate him as much as we do? What’s that glowing orb he is touching? Does his commerce secretary not know that the lack of protestors is due to the fact that Saudis behead protestors? Does he not know that Israel is in the Middle East?

Each bit of trivia drowns out the last. Who cares about the “Russia thing” this week? Health care what?

I’ve had enough.

Thursday I wrote about how the giddy talk about impeachment was distracting us from real issues. This week, it’s the Make the Sunni-Israeli-Vatican World Great Again tour. What’ll it be next week?

I’m done.

I don’t care what Melania does or where she sleeps. I don’t care what typographical errors the White House makes. I don’t care if Donald doesn’t know that Africa is a continent filled with many countries. I don’t care how long his tie is or why he uses scotch tape to stick the front to the back.

I care about democracy and fairness for all people (and all the things I listed in Thursday’s post). Trump is obviously a hindrance to those things. But it is the issues themselves that concern me. Trump is a sideshow.

This past weekend, Bernie Sanders was off in Montana campaigning for Democrat Rob Quist to turn a red seat blue. It’s this kind of thing that the resistance needs to be doing. Forget about Trump.

Some folks are concerned that the Democratic National Committee is trying to make 2018 all about Trump. I have no doubt that Trump will be a drag on the ticket in 2018. But it’s time to start giving voters a reason to vote blue. Bernie’s working on that. I hope you will, too.

Autocrats sap the will of the resistance through “organized confusion.” Take a look at this article from Tablet Magazine that gives a new meaning to Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. Sound familiar. It’s happening here.

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