Spring Has Reluctantly Arrived

2017-04-17 – Spring has reluctantly arrived and it wants you to know that it’s arrival is not a political statement. Spring does not approve of the Trump administration in Washington and wanted to remain in exile, but there was no choice. Spring hopes that you will take advantage of the nice weather and march.

The big events at my house are the blooming of the magnolia tree and the beginning of bike season. I don’t ride in the winter so I thank the season for arriving. I plan to march, but I need some exercise, too.

I started riding last week and got a new bike yesterday. Weather permitting, I’m planning on doing 4 rides a week, like I did last year. My best ride last year was 52 miles. I hope to top that by May. But who knows? I did 8 miles for my first ride on the new bike. It seemed smoother and more efficient. Maybe I’ll pick up the miles faster than I thought.

That’s it for today. I’m planning to continue with my swimming and that’s on the schedule for today. So I gotta go.

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