Nothing Prepared Us? . . . Everything Prepared Us!

2017-04-03 – Yesterday, the LA Times told us “Nothing prepared us for the magnitude of this train wreck.” The train wreck of the Trump administration. Their article was Part I of a four-part editorial that continued today and will continue tomorrow and Wednesday. Part I was entitled “Our Dishonest President.” Of course, this went viral with my liberal friends.

As far as I’m concerned, it is click-bait.

Oh, sure. I love that a major newspaper is calling out the worst president in American history. But there’s a certain dishonesty in the approach. It’s very defensive. OMG! We didn’t know! They call for honesty.

So let’s be honest. They knew. They even say they knew, but somehow weasel that into not-knowing.

We knew.

Some folks wanted the train wreck. Some folks had axes to grind against his opponents (both Hillary and the 16 GOP primary opponents) and didn’t care what happened. They all played chicken with the future of the nation and lost. Trump sold clicks, that’s all that counted. Perhaps the tide has turned. Maybe there’s more money now in anti-Trump clicks. Does anyone care about the nation?

Nothing prepared us?

We luxuriate in the narrative of Trump the liar. And, of course, he is. But he also told a deeper truth. He told us that his administration would be a train wreck. He told us. He told us again. And he told us again. And some of us said, “maybe he’ll change.”

The rest of us knew he wouldn’t. We told you so. But so be it.

We can’t afford to be split between who knew it would be like this and those who are afraid to admit that they knew.

It takes a lot to buck evil like this.

In 1972, operatives of Richard Nixon’s Committee to Re-Elect the President (aptly nicknamed “CREEP”) took a number of steps to subvert the Democratic party and assure his re-election, including a break-in at the DNC headquarters in the Watergate office complex. This was not a new thing for him, considering that he interfered with Lyndon Johnson’s 1968 Vietnam negotiations in order to be elected in the first place.

The basic facts of the Watergate burglary were known before the election. But political enmity was strong and Nixon won that election by a landslide. It took nearly two years for the politicians to work up the courage to take actions that resulted in Nixon’s resignation.

It’s the same thing this time. We don’t have the political will to avert catastrophes. And even mid-catastrophe it takes time to climb out of the wreck.

Maybe it is too much to ask to expect people to own their own roles in creating the catastrophe. Maybe that is for later. Maybe now all we can do is cheer people who now want to roll up their sleeves to pitch in to the disaster clean-up.

Whatever it takes to get you to open your eyes. Welcome to the #Resistance.

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