For Better or For Worse


2017-02-02 – “For better or for worse.”

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about “the worse.” It appears that our country is heading into bad times. We’ve all said “I do” to the demands of #resistance, however we see that. But once in a while we have to stop and acknowledge the “better” in our lives.

For me the “better” started 26 years ago, when I said “I do” to these words in front of my new wife and both our families and friends. It’s been quite an adventure and I expect more adventure in the years to come. In these years, we’ve built a home and we’ve raised two boys to men.

And we’re still friends.

When things are “worse,” we’ve got each other, not that I’m looking for that. When things are “better,” even better. Last year we did a road trip to Montana. This year, it will be a bike trip across Iowa. The year after, who knows? Whatever it will be, it’s nice to know it will be with her.

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