By the Dawn’s Early Light


2016-09-22 – It’s fall. And, no, I can no longer see by the dawn’s early light.

I don’t sleep well, so I’m usually up before my alarm goes off. Last week there was still a faint light warning that the alarm was coming. Today it was midnight dark. At six o’clock. I take my shower and then turn on the light in the hall so I don’t wake Kit while I look for my clothes and my shoes and my phone and my watch.

In the days before I started working at home I had a long commute. Longer than it needed to be because I would walk to the train rather than drive. That was my exercise. That meant the transition from light mornings to dark mornings took place in August rather than September. I used to know fall was approaching when I began to see Sirius in the dark August mornings and later the constellation Orion as I walked through the park. By the time I got out this morning to walk Lefty, the sky was beginning to brighten. And a few people were already arriving at the school across the street.

These days, I’m getting my exercise by biking. In less time than my old commute took, I’m racking up amazing miles. I do over 100 miles a week. According to my app, that amounts to something like 7,000 calories a week. 7,000 calories a week should count for a two-pound weight loss. I’m not negating these calories by eating more, but the two pounds isn’t happening. I’m not gaining, which is good. I’m probably even losing. Maybe a half pound. That’s really the way to do it. But I should be getting a free pass on some ice cream from all this pedaling.

I’ve always liked biking, but I’ve always stopped riding at this time of the year. I get cold easily. So I stop riding when it begins to get cool. And it’s dark at likely bike riding times. I now have routes that are mostly off-road, but I still need some light. Monday, Kit gave me some new lights for my bike. They are mounted and ready to go. Hopefully this year I will ride much later in the season.

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