A Day to Celebrate Truth-Telling: #DiogenesDay is October 1


2016-09-01 – I know it’s quaint. Honesty is not in vogue. It’s become a last resort. But if you want people to trust you, what choice do you have?

A few years ago, I began writing about a day for commemorating truth-telling. I called it Diogenes Day after the ancient Greek who became famous searching for an honest man. (There apparently was no issue about honest women. Or at least, none that Greek men talked about.)

I’m not the only person who has advocated for a truth-telling day, but the others have been about as successful promoting their day as I have—which is to say: not very successful at all.

If you like the idea, you can read about it on my #DiogenesDay page.

If you like the idea, you can tell your friends.

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