It’s Not Even Funny Anymore


2016-07-20 – Can you forgive Hillary Clinton for killing Vince Foster? You know she did that, don’t you? She killed Vince Foster. But here’s something I bet you didn’t know: Donald Trump killed comedy! It’s true! Donald Trump killed comedy!

[Oh, c’mon, Steve! Donald Trump is great for comedy.]

That’s what they’ve been saying for a year: Donald Trump is great for comedy! He’s YUGE! The biggest and greatest comedians (people I dearly love) milked it for all it was worth. But I have to disagree about Donald’s value for comedy. I think he’s killed it.

I’ve been watching the comedy shows this convention week and there’s maybe 5 jokes. Tops. And they’re lame. You see them repeated on one comedy show after another. They’ve got the Donald Trump’s entrance out of the glare. They’re interviewing the solitary black person at the convention. They point out that a poll that found 0% of black people supporting Trump could, due to the margin of error, mean that a negative-three-percent of African Americans support him.

Are they all plagiarizing each other? Hardy har har.

None of it is funny. The comedy is dead.

Or, maybe . . . like Vince Foster . . . comedy committed suicide.


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