Can a Jew Catch a Fish?


2016-06-19 – “Look at that bird!” I said to Kit as we cruised Lake Koocanusa. A bird, probably an osprey, flew high in the sky. Suddenly it dropped, down, down, down into the water. After a few seconds the bird emerged from the water, but I don’t think it got the fish.

The day was partly clear and partly drizzly. We were on the lake to go fishing. I’ve been fishing before, but not often. It’s been said that fishing is not a Jewish sport. I don’t think there are any Jewish sports. But someone must have caught the gefilte fish and lox. So I thought, why not?

No luck. But the osprey didn’t get the fish either. Maybe the osprey was Jewish.

On the way back to the launch, we saw a dead dear surrounded by turkey vultures. Vultures always get a meal.

There’s so many dear here that, they are nothing but a traffic hazard. Bears are another story. There are warnings all over the place. So far, no bear, but we’re on the lookout.

On again, off again rain creates conditions for rainbows in the late afternoon. And, sure enough, we got sight of our second rainbow of the week. It was a complete double rainbow with a faint supernumerary bow.

I’m doing better with rainbows than with fish.

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