Sorry, Hiroshima


2016-05-26 – Tomorrow, President Obama will visit Hiroshima.

Conservatives who are hung up about the infallibility of ‘Murica, are worried that the Muslim from Kenya might apologize. I don’t expect that will occur. I expect that the President will keep his remarks future oriented. He seems to have a fixation on preventing a nuclear bombing from ever happening again.

But so what if Obama apologizes?

Apologies are easy. Apologies are just words. Actions are the hard part.

And this is why political extremist are so focused on apologies. Purity of thought is what they are after, not any sort of easing of the human conditions. That is why, in the world of politics, we see:

  • Legislators that don’t legislate,
  • Governors who only veto (Rauner of Illinois comes to mind),
  • Candidates without policies, and
  • Activists who accept no compromise, even compromises that would advance their cause.

For purity of thought is what they are after. They are not interested in accomplishing anything for anyone. Often not even for themselves.

* * *

The bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on 08/06/1945. Another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on 08/09/1945, the last nuclear bomb ever used. -EightOh9

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