Con-grad-ulations, Cal!

Blue_office supplies_2012-07-31

2016-05-22 – Yesterday, seniors who participated in sports received their letters. My son Cal was one of them. In my day, jocks got letter jackets (I was not one of them). Today, jocks get letter blankets.

I can assume that the change is due to the fact that, in my day, you met your sweetie in the back seat of a ’57 Chevy (I was not one of them, I had a ’59 Studebaker). If it was cold you needed a jacket. Today, I guess, you meet your sweetie in bed. If you’re cold, you need a blanket.

The sports awards are just part of graduation festivities.

A few weeks ago, we got a warning from Cal that he might not complete his second major. He was done with the art program, but he had one more test for the music major. The big one. He’s done great through both programs, but the clock was ticking.

Nothing I could do to help. I wish I knew what he knows about music, but I don’t. And, of course, he pulled it off.

Next year, he has a fellowship to spend a semester working on his art. This summer, he has an invitation to sit in with a band on keyboard. He’s come a long way. And I am very proud of him. Congratulations, Cal. And good luck.

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