.@realDonaldTrump Is Not Robin Hood

Red_Wonder bread_2012-07-31

2016-03-20 – I can see the appeal of Donald Trump. A segment of our society has been taken advantage of by the so-called establishment. The left dismisses them as racist yahoos, though you would think that leftists would find a way to champion working people. Sadly, it doesn’t happen. The right closes its eyes to the racism and counts on their votes—to support a corporatist agenda that is completely at odds with the interests of these voters. The establishment, left or right, doesn’t work for them.

Along comes Robin Hood.

At least that’s what @realDonaldTrump wants everyone to think. He’s on the stump saying what the white working class wants to hear. He has no use for the establishment. He’s going to take from the rich and give to the poor. (And when he gives to the poor, it will be the white working class poor, not the black and brown working class poor.)

Only he’s not going to do this.

He tells us that he’s really, really smart. And yet, he tells us that he’s going to make America great again just by the force of his great ideas. It’s not going to happen. A President is not a CEO of a corporation. Corporate CEO’s are surrounded by yes men. Presidents are surrounded by no men, and has no ability to fire them. Ask Barack Obama. A President needs to have a long-range plan. We’ve seen none of this from Trump.

He tells us that he’s great a making deals. Maybe so. Maybe one of his negotiating stances is not to tell you what his negotiating stance is. He’s even said this on many occasions. Fair enough. But you’ll excuse me if I don’t vote for him. I don’t trust that building a wall is just an opening position with the ultimate result of greatness for all.

My fear, in dismissing a Trump candidacy is that his followers become even more marginalized. Isn’t there anyone in politics today who can reach out to white working class as well as to black and brown?

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