The Tweet of the Chickadee

Red_Car fender_2012-08-01

2016-02-23 – Yesterday morning I hear the call of a chickadee. I don’t really know bird calls. I had to look it up. Unlike most bird calls, I could remember this call because it was only two notes. I played the tune on the piano and discovered that it was a descending whole step (starting on A above middle C). Armed with that information, I was able to Google and discover that the bird was a chickadee.

There are other birds tweeting, but I don’t recognize the calls and I can’t remember them in a way that would let me look them up. The chickadee was easy.

It makes me feel like spring is just around the corner. Except that snow is forecast for today and tomorrow and may have already fallen by the time I post this. Even if it didn’t snow, it’s still chilly. It’s still February.

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