Oregon “Protesters” Are Not Terrorists


2016-01-05 – EightOh9 thinks it is a mistake to call “militia” members who have occupied the headquarters of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon “terrorists.”

I’m not saying that I agree with these folks. In fact, I’m having a hard time figuring out what they want other than local control over local land rather than federal control. Even their own statements are inconsistent. And I don’t have the time to do a title search, even if I knew what land they are talking about. But there’s one thing I do know:

They are not terrorists.

I know that many want to call them terrorists. But they are not. I’d say that they are more like the Occupy movement.

With guns.

I do understand the desire to call them terrorist. People at Fox News apply this label to Muslims and people of color without a moment’s thought. But I don’t think that the solution is to apply false labels to white men with guns is a solution to the without-a-moment’s-thought problem. It just adds to it.

So far, this protest is nonviolent.

Here’s the thing about nonviolence: if you feel strongly enough about an issue to commit civil disobedience, you need to accept the consequences. That’s what Martin Luther King believed. The consequences can be arrest and jail. But you pay that price to get your issue on the national agenda.

Not saying I agree with the Oregon occupiers, but they’ve committed their act of civil disobedience and now we wait to see what will happen. So far, they are not terrorists.

And seeing that they are not terrorists, I don’t see any reason why the authorities shouldn’t take the time to achieve a resolution peacefully.

Yes. Yes. I know. Peaceful resolution is not a strategy that is embraced by everyone. Clearly, police departments around the country would have started shooting even before I typed the first sentence of this post. And this is especially true when the “suspect” is not white (but sometimes true even with white “suspects”).

That is a problem. It is a big, big problem. But I don’t see that the solution to the hair-trigger problem is to start shooting in Oregon before a serious attempt is made at a peaceful resolution.

It’s called de-escalation.

Cops need to learn to de-escalate conflicts.

Politicians need to learn to de-escalate conflicts.

Political commentators need to learn to de-escalate conflicts.

We all do.

* * *

You may think I’m a pussy for talking like this. But when you talk about escalating pointless conflicts like this, are you planning to join the SWAT team?

Didn’t think so.

Pussies talk tough, then send other people to fight the battle.

Pussies are afraid to have a civil disagreement with a person. They’d rather have the cops bang the person on the head. Or kill them.

* * *

Did you know that Ted Cruz has taken a position opposing this occupation and is urging the protesters to “stand down peacefully”? I don’t like the guy, but there is apparently a limit to his evil.

Did you know that the Mormon church has also taken a position against these protesters? Apparently these protesters base their action on a reading of Mormon scripture. The Mormon church takes a dim view of this.

Did you notice that BLM could stand either for Bureau of Land Management or for #BlackLivesMatters?

Finally, “Vanilla ISIS” is not very funny. “Y’all Qaeda” is hilarious (but it’s not really helpful).

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