The Millennium . . . + 16 (or Whatever)


2015-12-31 – Regardless of when you thought the Millennium was supposed to arrive, it’s come and it’s gone. No apocalypse. No golden age. No. It’s been more like going from iOS 8 to iOS 9 or from Windows 7 to Windows 10: Lots of excitement but really just more of the same. With new bugs to contend with.

In my neighborhood, I see flags flying for a Jewish Mashiach (משיח). Like all messiahs of all religions, this messiah has brought no apocalypse, has brought no golden age. In other neighborhoods people yearn for a second coming or for an Islamic age.

It’s not happening tonight. That’s not the way it works. The millennialists have it wrong. The golden age is not World 2.0. Peace will not arrive at the stroke of a clock. If you want a world without hate, . . . well, you just have to stop hating.

As long as you believe that some god wants you to hate until he throws a golden switch, it won’t come. As long as you want to separate the worthies from the unworthies, World 1.0 will continue, with all its bugs. You’ve been wrong time after time. Why keep doing the same thing? It won’t get any better.

Y’lazy bastards. If ya want a happy new year, no one’s gonna hand it to you, especially if you act like assholes. I hate to break it to ya.

Happy New Year (whether you deserve it or not)!

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