Good! They Got Him! 1% Scum!

Blue_we support_2012-07-30

2015-12-17 – “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli was arrested today! They carted him away wearing a hoodie. Yay! The system works . . . uh, wait a minute.

If you’ve managed to put this guy out of your mind, let me remind you. Shkreli is the hedge fund manager we learned about a few months ago because he took over a pharmaceutical company and then jacked up the price of some AIDS med 5000%. Because profit. Shkreli was reviled in social media until he said he would roll back the increase (which he may or may not have followed through on). Today he was arrested.

But not for raising the price of that med.

That’s perfectly okay. Whatever big pharma does is always legal. Shkreli, being such a fine upstanding character, was arrested for securities fraud.

At least they got him for something. Right? Al Capone took the fall for tax evasion, not murder. And that was all good, right? And OJ . . . ?

So we send these 1%ers up once every decade or two and . . . we’re happy? You’ve learned a lesson! Never do it again! Take that Wall Street!

And we’re still sending people up for smoking weed.

Shkreli probably was smoking weed. You can tell that by what he was wearing when he was arrested. LOL.

Schadenfreude is better than justice.

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