Win the Holidays?

Green_union tower_2012-08-02

2015-12-13 – While it’s not PC to say “Happy Holidays” (or is it—one of the two), it’s apparently not a problem to say “Win the Holidays.” WTF?

I’m always the last to notice these things. “Win the Holidays” is so yesterday—or really a couple weeks ago. It looks to me that “Win the Holidays” was an aggressive Black Friday promotion. Everyone is now trying to “Force the Holidays.” May the Force be with you!

Yesterday was Frank Sinatra’s birthday. I hate to sound like an old fogey, but music was different in his day (before my time). Music was different when I was young, too. There was an emotional range. There were love songs, there were sad songs, there were nostalgic songs, there were wistful songs, there were angry songs.

Today, there are angry songs.

And pleasant greetings like “Happy Holiday” are fighting words. They constitute a war on Christmas. Better are “Win the Holiday” or “Force the Holiday.”

It’s the spirit of the season.

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