The End of Summer


2015-09-06 – Labor Day has always been the end of the summer to me. I’ve always lived in places where school started the day after. All summer, I’ve been waking up after the dawn, but now it’s dark when my alarm goes off. Back in my religious days, the fall holidays were right around the corner and I still think about that. Soccer season is beginning. I’m just beginning to see a little color in the leaves.

We live across from a park and a school. For most of the summer there have been few people around the school. For the last week or so, the teachers parking lot has been full. The park is still full with kids during weekdays, but that is about to end. Soon, the only ones in the park will be mothers and nannies with infants and the pre-pre-school set.

Most people work year round so they don’t see the seasonal changes in human migration patterns. I work out of my basement. so, while it isn’t seasonal, I do get out throughout the day in all seasons.

My boys are already back in school at their respective colleges. I don’t get the pre-Labor Day starts. But the administrators no doubt counted the days they needed and that’s how it worked out.

I myself am starting some new things for the fall. I’m going to be tutoring people in math at a community center. And I’m going to be taking my own class in how to write for the musical theater. But both of those won’t start until October. In between, I have a week’s vacation planned where we might be able to see the leaves turn colors.

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