No, I’m Not Running for President

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2015-08-16 – I am in Iowa today. No, I’m not running for President. I came to bring my son Cal to Grinnell College for his senior year. When he graduates next spring, he will be an artist and a musician. Funny thing is, I thought he was an artist and a musician before he started school there. What do I know?

I’m actually writing this the afternoon before we leave Chicago. My work week is over and I know that I might have trouble getting an Internet connection in Iowa. I once downloaded Angry Birds in Iowa. It took over an hour.

With Cal’s departure, Kit and I will be empty nesters. Nat left for Beloit on Tuesday. This will be our second year with both boys out of the house. It’s a big adjustment.

Last year I was starting a new job, but I’m into the routine now. I am a remote writer for a North Carolina company, so I spend my days sitting in my basement tapping on a keyboard. This year I’m starting to venture out.

Last week I finished the umpteenth rewrite of my novel Cain’s Mother-in-Law and sent out my first query. It’s a story about life after you kill your brother. If you know anyone in the novel publishing business who might be able to help me get it published, let me know. I’m planning on starting my second novel when I get back from Iowa. Publishers are supposed to love authors with more than one story. In a few weeks, I will be signing up for a class on how to write for musical theater. I want to turn my novel into a musical. I’ve already written lyrics for a number of songs. The class starts in October.

Next Thursday, I have an appointment for an interview to be a volunteer tutor. As I understand it, the tutees are adults who are working on GEDs or building other skills. It should be interesting. And something else to get me out of the house.

And, of course, the boys are not so far that we can’t make a day trip or a weekend trip to see them. Nat’s the closest. They have a nice farmers’ market in Beloit during the fall. Cal will be traveling around the Midwest for his last year on the soccer team. Last year they had games in the Chicago area, but this year they are farther. But, hey! It’s his last year.

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