What Mission? Who’s Left Behind?


2015-06-21 – Another gunman has provided us with evidence of the Rapture, only it’s not exactly the Rapture that the faithful await.

In case you’ve just tuned in the Rapture is an apocalyptic event in which the faithful believe they will be sucked into heaven in the End of Days—leaving the rest of us behind to face the trials and tribulations of the last judgment. There is a fiction series (books and movies) in which righteous-wannabes gloat over those who they assume will be left behind.

It seems that the joke is on them.

Wednesday, in South Carolina, nine of the true righteous were raptured—as many have been before them—by a gunman in a church. The rest of us are left behind: us, all the wannabes, and all the angels of death who live in our midst. We’re all left behind.

I am really, really tired of the so-called righteous of the world proclaiming their so-called missions to the world. In Judaism, there is a tradition of hidden righteous. They don’t tell anyone of their mission because they probably don’t know it themselves. They are too humble. And they don’t kill people. Christians and Muslims also have traditions of hidden saints. They show their righteousness by acts of lovingkindness. They keep their mouths shut.

In Jewish tradition, there’s supposed to be 36 of them in the world. Their silence is deafening. But the world survives because of their merit.


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