Ice Cream Is Not Natural, War Is


2015-04-30 – Ice Cream is not natural. I hate to break it to you. And, no, I don’t care if it says natural on the package. The package isn’t natural.

It’s not natural for humans to consume milk produced by other animals. It’s not natural to mix that milk with sugar and chocolate. It’s not natural to freeze milk before you consume it. There’s nothing natural about ice cream. Ice cream didn’t even exist before a couple hundred years ago. And that was a rarity. It didn’t become common until we had electric freezers. Even in my lifetime, it was considered unnatural to eat ice cream outside of summer. Of course, we had it backwards. It might have been natural to find frozen milk in winter, not summer!

A couple days ago, the US Supreme court considered the question of gay marriage. The opponents rested their case on the idea that marriage exists to bind a father and mother together for the benefit of children that might be born to the union. That’s a polite way of saying that gay or lesbian bonds are unnatural. No one says things like that these days, but that’s what they mean.

Of course, that’s untrue. Gay and lesbian bonds are at least as natural as ice cream. Really more so, because they occur in nature. They are not an artifice.

We rail against things for being unnatural. But we really call things unnatural when we don’t like them.

Like GMOs. Environmentalists go crazy when scientists modify a crop to make it resistant to pests. It’s unnatural, they say, and we can’t know the consequences.

John Bursch, lawyer for the state of Michigan urged the Supreme Court to uphold his state’s ban on gay and lesbian marriage, saying, “When you change the definition of marriage to delink the idea that we’re binding children with their biological mom and dad, that has consequences.”

The consequence of banning pest-resistant GMOs is that farmers use huge quantities of pesticides that are harmful to the environment. Pesticides are not natural.

Or maybe they are. The gene used to make the GMO crop pest-resistant was taken from an organism that resisted that particular pest for millennia. (The milk used in the ice cream was used to nourish calves for millennia.)

Wearing clothes is not natural. Nudity is au naturel.

Disease is natural. Cures and prevention are not.

War is the natural state of the human race, according to Thomas Hobbes.

But how could he know?


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