Not the Perfect Candidate

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Only the Republicans have perfect candidates. It’s easy to be perfect if you don’t do anything and you have no prospects of doing anything. They can be perfect in their right-wing utopias. You may recall that Thomas More coined the term “utopia,” for his book of that title, based on the Greek meaning “no place.”

It’s hard to be a perfect something. There’s no problem being a perfect nothing.

So, as it stands today, I’m supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

I love Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but their imperfections are more severe than Hillary’s: they don’t have a chance. And even if they had a chance, they would have less of an ability to stem the tide of right-wing nonsense than either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. As presidential prospects, they are candidates for utopia.

We don’t live in utopia.

I totally understand the need for liberal values to be reasserted. So I have to ask my left-wing friends. If this is so important, why is it that you only come out for presidential elections?

If there is going to be any hope of fighting the 1 percent and of advancing an agenda for the 99 percent, there needs to be a mighty change in Congress. Where are you when it comes time to fight for Congress or the statehouses? (The right-wing brothers who shall not be named care about getting people into Congress and statehouses.) Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are leaders in Congress, but they need others there to join them. And they need a Democratic president. Hillary.

Listen to her announcement video. That’s not just talk. She will advance the cause.

Maybe not as fast as you would like. Maybe not in all particulars. But she will advance the cause. And she has the political clout that other candidates lack.

Don’t minimize clout.

In today’s money-talks environment, it’s pretty difficult to run for president. That’s why you don’t see other candidates from the left testing the waters. And it’s pretty difficult being president. Just ask Barack Obama.

Hillary could change that. At the very least, she won’t make it worse.

That’s the platform of the perfect candidates of utopia.

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