Left Standing in Mid-Air


2015-01-20 – What do conservative believe about evolution? It’s probably mixed. Some go along with it. Some don’t. Their religious friends certainly don’t. And if liberals believe in evolution, it couldn’t be right, could it?

You could predict this, couldn’t you?

After all, the difference between creationism and evolution is the difference between cronyism (creationism—they even sound alike) on the one side and diversity and liberalism on the other. If you are a conservative, you are creeped out at the idea that you came from primordial ooze. If you are liberal, you are energized by the idea of progress.

And the Bible supports creationism, right?

Well, I’d say that’s a little ambiguous. The story is that Adam and Eve were created, but their surviving son Cain seems to have bred children with someone. Maybe Adam and Eve were created and Cain’s wife evolved. Maybe the Bible supports the idea of two creations!

And, you know what? The Bible doesn’t much approve of cronyism. Inheritance by the first-born (the normal way of doing things in the ancient world) is completely up-ended in the book of Genesis. All of the ancient patriarchs after Cain stiffed their first borns and passed the inheritance to others, and Cain had to kill his younger brother who had found the favor of God over him. David descended from Ruth, a daughter of a despised people. Mary and Joseph found no room at the inn. Jesus told us that the meek shall inherit the earth.

This all should scare conservatives, of course. They love to feel high born, but the very book they rely on to support their high-born theory of origin seem intent on pulling the rug out from under them.

If you pull the rug out from under liberals, they’re left standing in the mud from whence they came. If you pull the rug out from under conservative, they’re left standing in mid-air. Anyone who’s ever seen a Wile E. Coyote cartoon knows what that means.

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